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Assam Tea Garden – About Us Page

“Assam Chaiwala – a Tea store in Delhi that sell finest quality Assam Loose Tea along with Indian spice”

Assam Tea – a cup of tea every morning that refresh your mind and soul for the day.  It is so pleasing to know that tea is the largest consumed liqueur in the World after water. We at Assam Chaiwala committed to deliver the finest quality of Assam Tea from Delhi.

We collect best quality tea from tea gardens of Assam and make it available for online & offline customer. We know, the first sip of the tea has to be “best of the day” and we exactly deliver the same.

What are the varieties of teas we have ?

  1. Premium Assam Tea – CTC
  2. Premium Assam Tea Leaf (Black)
  3. Organic Assam Tea – CTC
  4. Organic Assam Tea – Leaf
  5. Green Tea Leaf, Assam
  6. Green Tea Leaf, Darjeeling
  7. Oolong Tea – Assam
  8. White Tea Leaf, Assam
  9. White Tea Leaf, Darjeeling

What are the best flavor tea we have?

  1. Masala Tea – Ginger, Black Pepper, Clove, Cardamom & bay  leaf
  2. Herbal Tea – Tulsi (Basil leaf), Cinnamon Stick, Black Pepper, Dry Ginger & Munakha.
  3. Green tea with Tulsi flavor
  4. Saffron Tea – Assam tea CTC & Saffron
  5. Honey & Lemon mix Green Tea

Why You Should buy from Assam Chaiwala ?

We are the only tea seller that sale pure and finest quality Assam tea. We don’t mix any tea for better color and aroma. We only sale what is pure and organic.

Man behind Assam Chaiwala: My name is Dipam Kalita, a native of Rangia Town of Assam. Being an Assamese Tea is in my blood. I have been traveling and exploring Assam tea gardens since my college days. With a significant amount of knowledge about the tea gardens, it processing and various quality, I am here to guide you to choose the right tea. You can trust me.