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Well, the question should have been “why not Assam Tea”? Assam is the largest tea producing region in the world. In Brahmaputra valley there are more than 100,000 tea gardens in Assam that produced more than 50% of total production of India. Most popular tea comes from Assam.

Assam Chaiwala determined to bring finest quality Assam tea without losing its original flavor. Tea is most loved because of its pleasant aroma and freshness that comes with every sip of the tea. However, with the involvement of too many middle chain it often tents to lose its original taste. Here comes Assam Chaiwala in to the picture. We bring tea from firms that deliver you the purest quality without compromising its quality.

Assam Chaiwala collects tea directly from the firms without any middle chain to disturb its purity. Teas are being prepared with lot of delicacy to give you the best of its quality.  Does we control the price too, and are able to deliver it as wholesale price to retail customers.

How we operates?

Choosing the right tea at right place is very important. Therefore we travel all around Assam Tea gardens and select the best tea for you. That’s how we maintain quality. We understand the love for tea in India. “Chai” is not just a beverage but an occasion that create numerous small and big ideas. So, when we sale Assam Tea, it is always the best you will have.

Our store in Delhi have total 10 variety of Assam Tea. You get to pick and choose your preferred tea at any quantity you want. Freshly packed teas are available to for on spot tasting. There is no uncertainty and under the cloud seen in our business. On top of everything we are always open to have your feedback. Always ready to listen to our customer and their valuable inputs.

The bottom line is: Assam Chaiwala is your tea partner who understand customer needs and determined to deliver the quality you wants

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