Assam being the biggest tea producing region in India is the hub of Tea suppliers. Unlike many suppliers, we at AssamChaiwala has a unique way of dealing with our customer to obtain 100% satisfaction. To avoid any mismanagement and unnecessary high price rate because of middle chain AssamChaiwala deliver products direct from factories to our wholesale customer all over India.

Our Supply Chain:

We travel and explore tea gardens which have own factories and are capable to deliver uninterrupted services in terms of quantity and quality both. This gives us an upper hand to stick to our commitments. Because we collect tea direct from Factories, we can relieved as what ever quality consumer wants. From strong tea to mild flavored tea, all we make possible in the market.

The Company:

AssamChaiwala is an extended trading wing of our parent travel company “India Highlight Voyages Pvt Ltd” Being an inbound travel company we conduct special “Tea Garden Visit” tour for our tourist from different countries.

AssamChaiwala marketing office in Delhi while HQ is in Rangia, Assam.